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Our Culinary Journey

What began as an easy, affordable dining option during early 1900s Vietnam, has since become a world-renowned staple of culinary culture – Vietnamese street food.

During the Vietnam War, our grandfather worked for the United States Military. However, once the war ended, he was put in jail, leaving our grandma with seven young children to feed. To make ends meet, she began cooking food over her charcoal stove and selling her creations at various street markets. Being the oldest of the children, our mother joined Grandma's efforts, and the two of them quickly built a reputation among repeat customers for delicious, joyously-crafted food.

Now a grandmother herself, our mom's love for cooking continues – with Café 79.

A dream of Mom's since she first came to America, Café 79 stands as an open invitation to experience and enjoy our food, share in our culture, and hear our stories.

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