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Vietnam street food began in the northen of Vietnam in the early 1900s. With the fast life in Vietnam, street food became tremendously popular since it was easy to access, and began to name its way into a big staple Vietnamese culture.
The Vietnam war occurred middle of the 1900s. Our grandfather was working for the United State military at the time. After war ended he was put to jail leaving our grandma. with seven young children. My mother was the oldest. Grandma worked extra hard by selling foods on the street. At the age of eight my mother helped her mom selling food at the market. Growing up with the exposure of food and no education, cooking foods and selling them at the market was the only way she can make a living. And somehow she had the passion for cooking and happy to see smiles on people face after they ate her food. As a grandma now, my mom still has a strong passion for cooking for our entire family, friends and people that she doesn't know. Owing a restaurant has been a family dream ever since. Especially when my aunts and uncle migrate to America, her dream has became stronger. Our family wants to vibrate the happy and joy from cooking and to be able to share our favorite family dishes many more people and their families.

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Savor The Flavor

Roasted Zuccini

Grilled Vegetables

Served All Day

Veggie Delight

The Perfect Choice

Green Salad
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13108 NE 70th Pl, Kirkland WA 98033


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Dine In or Take Away

Monday - Saturday: 11am - 11pm
Sunday: 11am - 7pm

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